Carolyn and David have served for 5 years with Builders International/MAPS Construction (Builders) after serving for over 17 years in Mexico as Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) approved missionaries. Builders is an international ministry of AGWM that helps missionaries on the field complete their construction projects. As part of Builders our vision is: "To build facilities that help carry the Gospel to all nations". The Builders team will assess a project, help design and promote it. If your church or group has wanted to go on a construction missions trip we would be more than happy to assist you with information about construction projects that will impact regions, areas and cities.

 October 1st, 2016 David and Carolyn completed their itineration time. They continue to need Faith Promise Pledges as well as Cash offerings. Please consider joining the team to "help build facilities that will send the Gospel to every nation." Please follow this link to partner with them: https://giving.ag.org/Give/Details/600001-291968?MinistryName=291968&Page=1&CookieCheck=1 You will be changing lives!

Their hearts are still desiring to see many souls saved in Mexico. Anyone who has felt the desire to help the Bajío District, which is in the "Dark Heart of Mexico" build the Bible School/District Office, David and Carolyn will continue to be available to work with you to impact that area as well. 




 Carolyn & David have 3 Children. Jeremy, and his daughter Kassidy live in Pine Bluff, AR. Jason lives in Springfield, MO. Jennifer, her husband Micah, their son Aiden and daughter Adelynn live in Springfield, MO. 

It's because of your faithful prayers and financial support that Carolyn and David are able to continue doing what God has called them to do. You are so appreciated!                 



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Time with God

Read Psalm 64:1–10; 70:1–5

Published: Mar 29, 2017

Hear me, my God, as I voice my complaint; protect my life from the threat of the enemy (Psalm 64:1).

Many psalms are a mixture of anguish, praise, pleadings, and joy. David often wrote about the perilous situations he was in and cried out for God to protect and deliver him. He was also capable of writing words of great triumph and happiness.

But voicing a complaint to God? David was a valiant and fearless warrior, certainly a bold man, so perhaps it could be expected he would address God in such a way. Even Job did not hold back in questioning and complaining to God. So if these great men could complain to God, can we?

David was open and honest when he prayed. He expressed whatever concern or praise was on his heart. We should also speak to God about our frustrations, problems, and fears. He understands and listens in the tough times as well as the good times. Like a father wants open communication with his child, God loves to hear His children’s voices. Praise and cries of despair are always welcome, and He will respond.

Challenge for Today: Pray with an open and honest heart today.

Quicklook: Psalm 64:1–10

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